Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kids Think We Never Leave!

You always hear that the students think you spend the night at school and don't have a home. Well you never realize how true this is until they ask you.

A couple weeks ago one of the kids asked me if I had left school that night. When I replied Yes I go home every night there was a look of shock. "You mean you have a home?" One of the students asked. I replied Yes! What did you think I used your rest mats and slept here every night?! They thought this was quite hilarious but still didn't seem convinced that I left every night.

Today our afternoon schedule was thrown off by a concert. I had to use the restroom and knew I could not wait until the end of the day. The kids were eating snack and we have a restroom in the classroom. I told the kids that very quickly I was going to use the restroom and to quietly finish their snack. As I was walking to the restroom one of the students stated "I didn't know teachers used the restroom!" I just kind of laughed to myself and continued on my way.

It's funny to me that the kids think we never leave and that they think we are super human. I guess that goes to show how they really see us and how big of an impact we can really have on them!

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